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Armstrong School




Message From the Head of School

 Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

 Whether you are a prospective parent considering  enrollment, a community partner seeking information, or  an educator exploring meaningful work, we are excited to  share with you what makes our school such a special  place and what sets us apart in the educational community.

Armstrong opened its door to 18 students in the fall of 1968. Now we are so excited to begin our yearlong celebration of 50 years of transformational education.

The beginning of a new school year is always filled with anticipation and wonder. In the words of our founder, Dr. Wilbur Mattison, “The opening of school for a new year has always been an exciting time. Through the dedication of all concerned, there is a feeling of confidence for what lies ahead in the coming year. And this confident spirit tells us that the best is yet to come.”

For all of us, the new year represents a new beginning and new possibilities. To quote one of our parents, “Charles Armstrong gives our children a sense of competence, importance and unlimited opportunities in the world.”

Over the past 49 years, Armstrong has served over 3,300 students. We hear from them and their families that Armstrong changed the trajectory of their lives, and for that they are very grateful.

I look forward to another year of successful learning for our students, another year of unlocking potential for our teachers, and another year of hearing “thank you, you gave me back my child,” from our parents.

To paraphrase our founder, I know there’s a great year of progress in the offing. This attitude of confidence will bring great joy to everyone's mind and hearts.

We welcome you to visit our campus and experience all that is Armstrong. We look forward to celebrating our stories of the past and the wonders of the future with you.

With warm regards,

Jessica R. Miller

Head of School



We Value:

• Teamwork & Collaboration
• Academic Excellence
• Commitment to Our Mission
• Respect
• Responsibility & Accountability

We'd love to hear 
from you!

Charles Armstrong School
1405 Solana Drive
Belmont, CA 94002

Main Line: 650-592-7570

The following is an extensions list:

Report Absences: option 1
Student Services: x1204 
Admissions:  x1268
Community Relations: x1235
Marketing: x1273
Curriculum: x1274
Development: x1206
Finance: x1227

Fax: 650-591-3114