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Next School Placement

The Next School Placement Team at Charles Armstrong is committed to assisting our students and families in their efforts to find their next school within the context of continuing student success.

We have a comprehensive next school placement process for 8th Grade graduating students and their families, which starts prior to their final year at Armstrong. Transition readiness and discussions of potential next schools is individually evaluated for each student and family, and includes assessing balanced goal attainment in several areas covering:

1)      academic concepts and skills

2)      learning skills and strategies

3)      understanding one’s strengths, talents and challenges

4)      the ability to self-advocate.

Bay Area Schools that our students attend following Armstrong: Transfer Schools List

2017-2018 High School Placement Guide and Calendar

IEP Instructions and Information 

For questions about next school placement, contact Charlene Mercadante, Director of Admission and Next School Placement: (650)592-750 x1268. 




Our Admissions Team

Charlene Mercadante 
Director of Admission and Next School Placement
650-592-7570 x1268

Regina Lewis 

Admission Coordinator
650-592-7570 x1234


Lindsay Fabela 
Next School Placement Coordinator
650-592-7570 x1264


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